在过去几年来,中国人和香港人在德国投资的企业和房地产大幅增加。 德国买家和卖家都必须遵守不同的司法,财政和经济要求。 这些都必须进行尽职调查。


Publication Paper

In 2014 Mr Andreas Einig, B.A. RSW (Accounting, Tax, Commercial Law) Auditing , wrote a book on the subject of "MaRisk bei Finanzdienstleistungsinstituten – Survey of Significant Regulations and Indications for Assessment by the Registered Auditor (Wirtschaftsprüfer)" under the number ISBN 978-3-8325-3838-5. As per November 2014 the paper is meant to clarify and elucidate to [...]

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Publication Contribution

Prof. Dr. Werner Nann has, as co-author, written a contribution in the magazine “Die Wirtschaftsprüfung”, edition 4/2015, p. 181-186 (IDW-Verlag ISSN 0340-9031) on the subject of “The appraisal of property assets in the commercial balance sheet – An introduction to IDW ERS IFA2” . The background is the passing of the draft stating the position [...]

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